About Me

This is me, at a good first approximation.

Current situation

I’m working at Lawrence Berkeley Lab (LBL) since January 2016, as a Project Scientist on dark matter experiments LUX and LZ.

Previously I worked with Brown University (Providence, RI), previously for XENON10 and then the LUX and LZ Dark Matter experiments collaborations, as a post-doctoral fellow. In 2010, I was upgraded to Senior Research Associate, and in 2014 to Assistant Research Professor. Until 2007 I was mostly in the Gran Sasso Laboratory, in Italy, working on the predecessor XENON10 experiment. I have since moved over to Brown proper to continue work on LUX and its installation and running at the Sanford Lab in South Dakota.

For LUX, I am currently acting (depending on which phase the experiment is in) as Commissioning Manager, or Science Coordination Manager. For LZ I am acting as Simulations Coordinator, as well as L3 for the veto PMTs. I am part of the LUX executive committee and LZ technical board.

Curriculum Vitae

This is up to date as of June 2014. We shall try to keep it that way.

A maintained list of publications can be found on this page.

In the News

I have appeared in a variety of press articles lately. This is an attempt to collect them.

Colloquia and Seminars

  • 2015-10-07: Invited seminar speaker at LBL – LUX experience and lessons learned
  • 2014-05-01: Invited seminar speaker at Boston University – LUX overview
  • 2014-04-11: Invited colloquium speaker at CEA Saclay – LUX overview
  • 2013-11-01 : Invited seminar speaker at FNAL Wine & Cheese – First LUX Science Results
  • 2012-10-10 : Invited seminar speaker at Harvard – LUX/LZ Science update
  • 2012-09-19 : Invited colloquium speaker at U Mass Lowell – LUX/LZ outreach
  • 2011-04-15 : Advisory committee and speaker at the DUSEL Workshop on Cosmogenic Backgrounds, LBL
  • 2011-03-17 : Invited seminar speaker at South Dakota School of Mines and technology – LUX/LZ outreach

Thesis work – 10/2002 to 10/2005

On September 30th, 2005, I defended my Ph.D. Thesis. Here are some related documents:

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