Twenty Nine

This year for my birthday, I took a few days off with Ruth in Cambridge.  Off being the operative word –we didn’t do anything more straining than walking to town for restaurant or a movie! It was very much needed…

And so I got to see Ruth’s new apartment, which is really much better than her previous one (and better than mine, too): Full house on three levels, no neighbour to hear at all, a real kitchen (with dishwasher, which gets much love)… amazing! We only got out of it to go see District 9 (not bad!) and the occasional walk in Autumn Cambridge.

Below is my home-made birthday lemon cheesecake, which deserves a special mention for kittiness. The rest of the meal was lamb vindaloo and more Indian-inspired goodies which were all a resounding success.


On top of the meal, and the cake, and the break, I also got a couple of much anticipated books (latest Pratchett and Erikson!), a bag of real lentils (as opposed to American ones, which are sad), and the promise of a massaging chair delivered by a cute little puppet mouse. Mom also sent a fancy shirt and a cookbook about papillottes, which by the looks of it I am going to try out no later than today.

Fancy shirt! Nummies! Dinosaurs!

Life. It is good sometimes. 🙂

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  1. kazemaria Says:

    hey hey ! un gateau chat !! yeahhh !! bizoo à bientot