Bridge over the Cam River

Where to start?

In the midst of preparing to relocate to the US, and making sure the Brown half of the experiment is ready to ship, I managed to find enough time to book a flight on ryanair and hop over to England for the week-end, friday night to monday morning. Despite a late take-off I eventually arrived in Stansted airport, and a bus followed by a taxi saw us to Babbage street in the fine town of Cambridge. Although by that point, it had technically started being saturday for a couple of hours. Nevermind; It was home.

One of the colleges... Yes that's a schoolyard


One thing has to be said about that week-end: it almost didn’t rain. We were able to walk around the various colleges and shop for cheeses or winter shoes without much interference, be it from the meteo or the hordes of omnipresent cyclists. Somebody was practicing playing the church organ in one of the private “enlightened” chapels, where scientists heads commonly replace saints. Peculiar. Cambridge is actually a rather pleasant place to walk! But mostly, this was about being together with Ruth, and on that account objectives were more than fulfilled. 🙂

Typical view of Cambridge streets


We slept in late, read, cooked a bit, walked some more on sunday. Made extra sure the couch was of suitable quality. Tried the local indian restaurant for a bit of spice. Did I mention walk? As all good things though, it ended too soon… Took the early train on monday morning, where I quickly forgot I’d left behind all my paperwork. Ruth had to take a taxi and race me to the airport. Oh well, second farewells!

Arriving in Rome, I located my hotel in the Agnanina area (right next to the Ikea…). Reason being, I had an appointment at the US embassy the following morning for an interview to get my new H1 visa! No point in going back to L’Aquila, so I lounged around most of the afternoon and explored the local mall. A quick subway ride in the morning, and the interview actually went surprisingly well! I managed to skip in front of several people who had not fully integrated the purpose of a ticket dispenser, and I was out of there just an hour later with a promise to have the thing shipped that very afternoon. Considering my previous experiences… Truly astounding.


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