So as part of my early birthday present package, I got a sushi set. That is not to say that I got a box full of raw fish, but an assortment of tools diverse and exotic which should allow me, in theory and provided primary ingredients are available, to make my own sushi.

Of course we had to try!

The state of trustable raw fish here in L’Aquila being dubious at best, we opted for the safer vegetarian version: avocado, carot, roasted eggplant, spring onion and pine nuts, with a small sweet tamagoyaki (omelet) for fun and the sake of protein. The rest of the carot and eggplant went into a sausage japanese curry which turned out very well. πŸ™‚ And then, we proceeded to make maki.

Maki in the making


That went better than we expected! The things, once cut into thin slices, were very much edible and perhaps even more importantly, looked great on the plate. We used most of the omelet as topping for nigiri. In the end, the meal looked something like this:


Maki and Tamagoyaki

Note the use of professional chopstick holders, soy sauce cups, genuine wasabi from japan and even a small can of pickled ginger. Out of the picture is a bottle of rice vinegar, and in the wooden bowls japanese green tea. That’s the real stuff! We couldn’t finish all of this in one go but I think somebody doesn’t mind leftovers for today’s lunch… πŸ˜‰


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