North by Northwest

8:59 pm June 25th, 2014

Following Ada and Andrew’s wedding in Vancouver, we took a 9-day vacation that had us (me) driving from Portland to Rapid City and through large swaths of Oregon, Washington State, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. It was a fun trip with lots of gorgeous landscapes, and well overdue! Photo album is below, or linked here.


Easier updates

12:35 pm January 15th, 2014

On top of picture galleries, I’ve been putting more updates on my Google+ page lately –not only is it marginally easier to do (especially from a phone), but it also allows one to trivially filter out who can or cannot see any given post. Some posts remain public, while others of dubious interest to the world at large are targeted to friends or family. If you fall in any category, you may want to head over to‎ for more frequent updates than on this here blog.

This space will remain either way as a useful repository of more static content, such as the personal pages and work-related material.

Flying West

11:05 pm September 28th, 2013

Flew to Cody Wyoming, and back, with Kareem as pilot. Great trip all around, very smooth, with just the right amount of adventure for the final landing. 🙂 Also included a very friendly cat! A++ would fly again.

Flying to Cody WY, September 28, 2013

Fireworks at Sanford Lab

10:30 am July 5th, 2013

Watched the fireworks in Lead for the 4th of July this year. Photos turned out quite nicely!

Fireworks at Sanford Lab, July 4 2013

Canis Lupus Occidentalis

12:58 pm September 1st, 2012

Stopped by a local Rock/Jewelry shop this Friday, between Deadwood and Spearfish. The owners also keep a small pack of wolves in a pen nearby, along with other critters such as rabbits and an extremely cuddly raccoon. The wolves are actually Mackenzie Valley wolves, also known as Canadian Timber wolves, one of the largest subspecies of grey wolves. These however were extremely friendly! Many pictures were taken, some of which can be found on the box gallery:

Wolves in South Dakota